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Remember: There will be no meetings during the summer. Join us on Tuesday, September 15, for our next meeting. In the meantime, we’ll be sending monthly newsletters with summertime information!

From the desk of the Editor:

Who said summer is slow? Take a look at our July newsletter and see that things are hopping this summer with all sorts of news and activities.

And bless the gods above for all of the rain! Makes for cool days perfect for inspiration. So get out those pens and let us know what you’re up to!

Kip Piper

Update on Elmer Kelton – submitted by member Bob Miles

Elmer was released on Thursday, June 11, from the hospital, was on oxygen and had a fall in the bath room.  He has great difficulty in breathing while fighting pneumonia and other ailments (serious.) He had to go back to the hospital on Friday, June 12, as he could hardly get a breath.

He thinks, after wanting to be “at home,” that this time he will try going to a nursing home for a while & perhaps with round the clock care he can gain strength and then go home.  Wedo hope this works out, as he himself said, he must get well as he has another book to write and has already done the whole outline.  That’s forward thinking, looking to the future which is half the battle.

We will post the nursing home information when we receive it.

We must keep the prayers going and God will answer them.

Writers League of Texas Summer Workshop

Sul Ross will again host the Writers League of Texas Summer Workshop.  TMTW is giving $200 as a scholarship to any member who wants to attend the 2009 Writers League of Texas Summer Writing Retreat. If you wish to attend and apply for the scholarship, contact Donna.

Poetry_Slam_PosterSPREADING VERSE!!!

What:     Poetry Slam at Odessa Colleges Wi-Fi Java Cyber Café
When:    Saturday, July 11, 2009, 7:00 P.M.
Where:  Wi-fi Java Cyber Café, 201 West University, Odessa, (432) 335-6891

Mike Haynie: (432) 335-6891
Kat Copeland: (432) 697-4205
Daniel C. Ramos: (432) 661-7246

POETRY SLAM at Odessa Colleges Wi-Fi Java Cyber Café

On Saturday July 11th, the Wi-fi Java Cyber Café located on Odessa College’s campus will be hosting a Poetry Slam emceed by Daniel C. Ramos. A Poetry Slam is a competition among poets where each poem is read or recited out loud and scored by a panel of five judges, who are chosen from the audience. The high and low scores are dropped and the middle three scores are added together, giving the poet his or her score. Poet’s scores will be added for a cumulative total for three rounds. Poet with highest score at the end of the night wins. All styles of writing are accepted and the competition is open to anyone who wants to join. Sign up will be limited. Click here for entry form.

Emcee for the Poetry Slam, Daniel C. Ramos, is hoping to expand the art scene for the Permian Basin. Ramos, 22, started writing and performing poetry during his senior year at Caprock High School in Amarillo, TX in 2004. In late 2005 Ramos started Poetry Slam for Amarillo, now called SLAMarillo. Since then, SLAMarillo has sent two teams to compete in the National competition, Austin, TX 2007, Madison, WI 2008, and a third team going this year to West Palm Beach, FL. Ramos, now a member of the Permian Basin Poetry Society, builds a poetry community and helps the art scene, as a whole, grow and expand. He also wishes to establish a team/teams to represent Midland and Odessa in the National Poetry Slam.

In 1984, construction worker and poet Marc Smith started a poetry reading at a Chicago jazz club, the Get Me High lounge, looking for a way to breathe life into the open mike format. The series, and its emphasis on performance, laid the groundwork for the brand of poetry that would eventually be exhibited in slam. Now an official non-profit organization, Poetry Slam Inc or PSI, host the National Poetry Slam once a year. About 80 Teams from all across the country come together for the sake of poetry and hopes of NPS Gold. Branching off of that is Youth Speaks organization which hosts The Brave New Voices competition which has recently been featured on HBO’s:  Russel  Simmons Presents.

Way Out West Texas Book Festival

July 31-August 1, 2009
Espino Conference Center, Sul Ross University
Alpine, TX


Dear Friends,

The Alpine Rotary is working hard on the 2nd Annual Way-Out-West Texas Book Festival, coming right up, July 31-Aug. 1.

I’m sure you are aware that the purpose of the festival is primarily to foster literary appreciation and to promote literacy in the Big Bend area.

One way we do this is by supporting our libraries, in particular, the Alpine Public Library and its Marathon Branch.

An important part of this fund-raising campaign is the Spectacular Silent Auction held all day Saturday Aug. 1. The auction raised $12,000 last year, most of which went straight to the Library’s capital campaign.

Won’t you open the attached auction donation form and print it out? Please consider donating something special to the auction again this year. Fill out the form and contact us as soon as you decide on your gift.

Also: Pass the form along to others on your email list.

Please help us to promote literacy, raise literary awareness and appreciation, and, especially, to help our libraries.


Jean  Hardy Pittman

Visit us online at  www.wowtxbookfestival.com

– – – – – – – – –
121 E. Holland Ave.
Alpine, TX 79830
432-837-1126 (facsimile)

Braggin’ Rights

Darrell White has received some wonderful reviews – both editorial and reader – for his Vampire novel Valerie. Click here to read the reviews!

Trail Bits

Barney Nelson will conduct a photo workshop Sept. 14-16 which will cost $100 for the two days.  You may contact her at  www.shootwesttexas.com.

Demystifying Writers’ Demons One at a Time

Hardly or barely?

o Hardly means almost certainly not; not quite; unlikely. Examples:
I hardly think you would pay a million dollars for one dinner.
Should you wait for agents to seek you out? Hardly! You seek them out.
Joey could hardly expect any Christmas presents when his family was starving.

o Barely means scarcely; by a very small amount. Examples:
Joey could barely wait until the next day to open his presents.
Susie barely got her contest entry to the post office before the deadline.

o Ungrammatical usage such as the following should be reserved as dialogue for
appropriate characters: “can’t hardly,” “couldn’t hardly,” “not hardly.” Examples:
“What a whopper! I can’t hardly believe the size of that there rattler!”
“Would you ever date Big Foot?”   “Not hardly!”

Do demons bedevil your writing? Similar, confusing words? Grammar, punctuation, or capitalization rules? “The Demystifier” will clear up the mystery (primary reference unless otherwise noted: Garner, Bryan A. Dictionary of Modern American Usage. N.Y.: Oxford University Press). Address questions and comments to freelance editor, Joan Upton Hall at: . More problems like the above are demystified in the booklet, 50 Writers’ Tips. Find more at http://www.JoanUptonHall.com/books.htm.

Final Note from the Editor:

As you can see from this month’s newsletter, during the summer, great things can happen! Toot your horn, clang your bell, raise your roof! Tell us your news and stories – or writing news in general, such as publications you would recommend, contests, book events, etc. Send your Braggin’ Rights and Trail Bits to ">.

Kip Piper

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