Last Chance Corral

WRITERS, Welcome to the
Last Chance Corral

Writers’ Round-Up

“I Owe it to Myself!”

It’s been a long winter.
The refund check hasn’t come.
I’m sick of cold weather.

My feet have fungus.
Chocolate isn’t on my diet.
What diet?
I’m out of ideas.
I need inspiration.
My family doesn’t understand me.
What’s Haiku?
Me, hike?
Does Texas have mountains?
Fiction, non-fiction, research,
instruction, humor all in one place?

Texas Mountain Trail Writers
19th Annual Writing Write-Up
Alpine, TX April 9-11, 2010

Last Chance at the Corral to improve in:

Writing for Children
Cleaning Up & Perfecting Your
Learning How to Research for
Fact or Fiction

Spring Retreat Fee:
One Person $135 / Household of two $215

For a quick review of the conference
we are linking the Overview and Registration Form again for your convenience.
Lodging available at camp.

For additional information contact:
Reba Cross Seals-Retreat Coordinator

Jackie Siglin-Retreat Coordinator & Lodging
Elaine Davenport-Registration

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