Homework Assignment for Writing Round-Up

19th Annual Spring Retreat in Alpine,
April 9, 10, 11, 2010

Your homework title is:

A Day in the Life of a………
(Rancher, Rancher’s Wife, Ranch Dog, Cowboy, Cowboy’s Horse, Chuck Wagon Cookie, Soldier, One-room School House Teacher, or a true western historical character)

You may choose one or more of the above and must include one or more true historical facts.

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Explore the beauty of HAIKU POETRY

While exploring mountainous beauty of nature at the
Writing Round-Up

Texas Mountain Trail Writers
Spring Retreat
April 9, 10, 11, 2010

As an added treat for our guests
Reba Cross Seals and Donna Greene
offer an optional easy hike to a lovely location
where they will facilitate the writing of
ancient traditional three line Japanese poetry called

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Registration Deadline Nearing for Early Birds

The Early Bird Gets the W………………………………………

Wampum break on prices

Warm welcome to the beautiful mountain of West Texas

Writers’ multiple years of expertise and experience

Wart Hog sightings in the mountains

Wisdom of fellow writers through networking

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March “Log of the Trail”

Meeting Announcement: Our March meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, at the Fort Davis Public Library in Fort Davis, TX, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. If you wish to carpool from Alpine, meet us in the Big Bend Telephone parking lot before we depart at 6:30 pm.

Speaker: Jackie Siglin
Writing Assignment: Since March is known as the “windy month”, write about one of the following: Night Wind, A Windy Way on the (fill in the rest), Gone with the Wind (Not about the movie), Hot Windy Days and Nights.

From the Atelier of Our Prez:

I have adopted a new cat from the humane society and therefore have not slept for two weeks.  She’s older than I thought she was, not yet spayed, and has now gone into “season”.    She’s just started her immunization process and it will be five weeks before her surgery can be scheduled.  She and I both are climbing the walls trying to get out of the house!  Apparently I was not properly prepared for this new venture in my life.

The same cannot be said of the co-chairs organizing our upcoming conference.  They are prepared to the max!   Things are simply falling into place because Reba and Jackie keep preparing spaces for things to fall into.  Every year is a learning curve and I’m sure this year is no different.  But so far they’ve not met an obstacle they couldn’t go around.  Elaine says we’ve got 20 participants registered so far.  A good count, I think, at this stage of the game.  Many of our old friends will return;  I’m looking forward to it.

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19th Annual Texas Mountain Trail Writers Spring Retreat

Writing Round-Up

April 9, 10, 11, 2010
Paisano Encampment
Alpine, Texas

Lucia Zimmitti-Author of Manuscript Rx
Jessica Lee Anderson-Children’s Author
Melleta Bell–Jerri Garza-Archival Researchers
Blair Pittman-Photojournalist, Humorist

Learn how to hone your writing skills to stay out of the slush pile, research for fiction and non-fiction, write and publish for children, and photograph your travels and story.

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