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Meeting Announcement: Our December CHRISTMAS PARTY POTLUCK will be held on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at the home of Daileen in Limpia Crossing (north of Fort Davis) at 6:30 pm.

Writing “Opportunity”: The word limit is 500 words.  Choose from

  • Christmases I’ve Loved (or not!)
  • Winter Solstice
  • This Has Been a Year Full of _______(fill in the blank)

Celebrate Christmas with the Trail Writers

Our Christmas party will be at my house (Daileen) in Limpia Crossing north of Fort Davis on Tuesday  evening, December 13th  at 6:30 PM.

For those who wish to arrive in the daylight, you are welcome to come at 6 PM.

Rene Parsons has graciously consented to play Christmas carols for us and will be at the piano by 6:05, for those who wish to sing or listen.

She will stay and join us in our partying. Her fee is cookies. So if you have a few extra Christmas cookies you want to share, we can combine them on a plate for her. If no cookies are in your house don’t worry. I just thought it would be fun to share our cookies with her as she will be sharing her musical talents with us.

As per the usual format, we will have a pot luck supper. When you decide which specialty you wish to bring, please email me that you are coming, how many are coming with you, and what dish you will bring.

To RSVP and receive directions to my house, please email me at  or TMTW at

Also we exchange gifts in a different way. We steal from each other. So bring a gift of your choice and watch it make the rounds of those who covet.  $10 is the gift limit.

For you lowlanders, dress warmly. It is much colder up here on a winter night than at your lower elevations.

Hope you will join us!


President Ramblings

I’ve been taking an online class in Mystery Writing.  Many of the students are new to writing and they don’t have a local group to support them.  That’s where I’m lucky.  The Texas Mountain Trail Writers gives me support, friendship, learning opportunities, and a chance for publication.  It challenges me to write and read a short piece of work every month on topics I would never think of for myself.   I am so grateful for this.  It’s wonderful to be around people who don’t think spending time with your imagination is crazy.

The holiday season is here and before you have yourself all tied up in knots, I’ve asked Santa to give you a gift.  This month, in the hurry scurry of December, he and I give you permission to take time to write.  We realize this is a do-it-yourself present.  It doesn’t come with instructions or help.  Neither the guy in the red suit or I will run your errands, bake your cookies, or sign your cards.  We won’t sit at the computer and make this a guilt trip.  We just say:  You can write – put  WRITING on your list and take the time to do it.  We know it will make you happy.

Our Christmas party is December 13th at Daileen’s house in Limpia Crossing.  Directions, times, etc. are elsewhere in the newsletter.  Don’t forget your potluck and a $10 gift for the exchange.  Daileen would love it if you would RSVP and tell her what you plan to bring to the pot luck.

Phyllis Musgrove is getting better.  Thanks to all of you who helped her at the last meeting, especially Elaine Davenport.   If you want to send her a card, and didn’t get my last email with her address, please contact me.

Happy writing,  Jackie

Minutes from November Meeting

Please read the minutes before attending the next meeting. Let us know at the next meeting if there are any corrections. Thanks!

Download minutes here

Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader! To download, go here:
If you are unable to open the minutes, please email us and we will send you a copy via email.

Braggin’ Rights

From Richard Jespers:

Dear TMTW Members:

I enjoyed attending your workshop in April and took away much to chew on. At this time I am announcing my new Web site, which features my published short fiction along with a number of other pages including photographs, reading journals, and a blog. You may access it at Hope you all are doing well and that the drought has eased a bit.

All Best,

Richard Jespers




Final Note from the Editor:


Have news? Toot your horn, clang your bell, raise your roof! Tell us your news and stories – or writing news in general, such as publications you would recommend, contests, book events, etc. Send your Braggin’ Rights and Trail Bits to .

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