July Newsletter | “Log of the Trail”

Note from the new President, who was the old Secretary –

We had a wonderful potluck end of the year meeting at my house this June 21. The weather was hot – too hot really, but everyone rolled with it and we were rewarded with a spattering of rain and a lightning fireworks show at the end. (Fortunately none of that caused a fire.) The food was delicious and the free writing assignment showed the talent of our members.

Since our last meeting of the year is a party, there are no official minutes. We did elect a new slate of officers:

President, Jackie Siglin
Vice President/Program, Eleanor Taylor
Secretary, Donna Greene
Treasurer, Elaine Davenport
Historian, Aleta Belcher
Chaos Editor, Marian Frueh
Conference Chairperson, Reba Cross Seals
Website, Kip Piper

We appreciate the hard work of Phyllis Musgrove and Darrell White who served last year as President and Vice President and thank all of those members who were willing to either stay in the same office or move to another. We have a wonderful group who works very hard.

Writing wise – there will be no official assignments until the September meeting – 3rd Tuesday of the month in Alpine. But there is nothing to keep you from letting your muse take you away on a fantastic voyage – with hundreds of words on the paper, of course!

See you in September,


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  1. Thank you to all the out going and in coming officers. You do a wonderful job and I appreciate all your hard work. I wish I lived closer and could help.

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