Chaos 2011 Call For Submissions

This is a call for submissions for the 2011 Chaos West of the Pecos, the yearly publication of the Texas Mountain Trail Writers. All paid members are invited to submit 4 manuscripts or poems up to 1500 words each in length OR up to 4 submissions with a total word count of all being 6000 words (i.e., you can have some short ones and long ones, but the total of all 4 must not exceed 6000 words). The conference submissions do not count as one of your 4 (non-members may also submit if they attended the 2010 conference). The Christmas writing assignment also does not count as one of the 4 submissions (members only). If the Chaos-in-progress becomes too large, some submissions may need to be skipped.

Please be certain that your name appears on each submission, shown as you would like to have it in the publication. Send your submissions to Marian Frueh () or to Marian Frueh, 42665 State Highway 118, Fort Davis, TX 79734. Electronic submissions are preferred (Word, RTF, text, whatever you’ve got), but I’ll take it however you do it (as long as I can read it). I have a Windows PC, not a Mac, so it needs to be some generic format. I can read Open Office/Star Office format. Handwritten is okay if it is not too long.

Please also give me a snail mail and/or email address in case I encounter any problems. Some editing may be done to improve grammar, spelling or clarity. Printed submissions should be in at least an 11 point font (12 point preferred), and should be an easily readable font, such as Courier, Arial or New Times Roman. The scanner has great difficulty with small or unusual fonts.

Please note that suitability to our publication, ease of editing (readability) and a number of other considerations will determine what actually gets printed. The better your editing of any piece, the more likely you’ll find it in the Chaos. Any email submission should get back a confirmation of receipt. If you don’t get a confirmation, I didn’t get it!

Please get your submissions in by March 7, as our conference is scheduled for April 8-10. Sooner is better.

Here’s a list of the 2010/2011 writing assignments if you’d like to submit one that you didn’t turn in at the meeting. Remember, submissions need not be just assignments.

March 2010: Night Wind, A Windy Way on the…, Gone with the Wind (not the movie), Hot Windy Days and Nights
April 2010: Poems, 3 short or 1 long
May 2010: Anything goes
September 2010: Something you’ve been working on
October 2010: Something Halloween-ish
November 2010: None
December 2010: Christmas Future, Seven [or other number] Pearls of Christmas, Christmas on the Trail, The Lost Present
January 2010: None
February 2010: Love Lost, Love Found

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