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Meeting Announcement: Enjoy networking with other local writers from the tri-county area at a Potluck Dinner with the Texas Mountain Trail Writers on Tuesday, September 20, at 6:00 p.m. in the Sunny Glen home of Reba and David Seals. (See more info below in “TMTW September Potluck Supper”.)

Format for Meeting: Potluck Party and Writing Games (See more info below in “TMTW September Potluck Supper”.)

From the TMTW Steering Committee

Welcome to a new chance to enhance your writing skills, practice writing every month instead of just “planning” to, hear some great writing craft programs, and have fun in the process.

Your Steering Committee has two new members, Marti Stebbins and Gwynne Jamieson, who are enthusiastic and contribute great new ideas. The committee’s more experienced members (notice I didn’t say “old”) are Elaine Davenport, Eleanor Taylor, Darrell White, Jackie Siglin, and Reba Seals. Their purpose is to handle club business so meetings can be devoted to craft, food, and fun.

The Steering Committee has already met in August and has an exciting slate of programs planned. The first event is our annual September writing games and potluck supper at the Sunny Glen home of members David and Reba Seals. (See details below.)

Changes are coming to the group, but we plan to maintain our commitment to writing, our loyalty to each other, and having fun with people who view the world’s idiosyncrasies as fodder for our writing arsenal.

Mark September 20 on your calendar!

In anticipation,

Reba Cross Seals
Member Steering Committee

TMTW September Potluck Supper: Trail Writers Write…..and Eat!

Come join us at a beginning of the year party!

Our new year of writing starts off with our traditional Pot Luck backyard party at Reba and David Seals’ home in Sunny Glen Tuesday, September 20, 2016. No writing assignment for this first meeting! You’re getting off light, but don’t expect a pass next month!. 🙂 (You’ve just been introduced to one of my bad writing habits—love of exclamation points!)

We will meet from 6 to 9 pm. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to enjoy great food and play fun writing games. Bring a dish to share, a writing pad and something to write with. Reba will have extras. Please email Reba to let her know what you are bringing to pitch into the pot. (One year we had 3 potato salads.)

We will have lights and lanterns, but after it gets dark, you might like to bring a flashlight or lantern to give you extra light for writing at the picnic tables.

Directions to David and Reba’s will be given if you email Reba at .

We have some new members in our group this year, and that is always exciting. New ideas, New friends, guests always welcome.

Fabula Press Short Story Competition

Fabula Press is now accepting submissions for the Aestas short story competition, and the submission window will remain open till 30 September 2016.

The contests are not theme bound. There is no restriction on genre either, and we are happy to read historical fiction, mystery/suspense, and horror. However, for consistency of presentation we cannot accept children’s stories, fantasy, young adult or chick lit; likewise hardcore science fiction is not something we are looking for, but are open to science based/alternative history based literary works. In case of doubt, it is best to query the editorial team before submitting.

Click here for more information:


on October 1, 2016


Literary Journal



Printed Monthly

Seeking quality nonfiction, fiction, poetry and photography

We accept unsolicited manuscripts from new and emerging authors as well as seasoned professionals — we do not accept simultaneous submissions. We are encouraging writers to submit manuscripts between 1500-3500 words.

We are not a paying market at this time but authors receive 2 copies of the publication along with a personalized acceptance letter.

Photography may accompany submissions (no more than 3 per story) — please provide a brief caption for each photograph submitted.

Poetry should be no more than 25 lines on any subject (no more than 5 poems at one submission).

We do not accept porn.

If you’d like to receive a subscription (12 issues), please submit $35 US via PayPal from our website. Other countries outside US please submit $50 for 12 issues, also PayPal from our website.

Thank You for Your Subscription Support.

Clara Lee Terry, Editor
B K Owens, Publisher


Nimrod Journal: Call for Submissions

Leaving Home, Finding Home

Home. It’s a concept that stretches across all cultures and all times. But what makes a home? Why do we sometimes seek out new homes, or refuse to leave the homes we already have? How do we find—and adapt to—new homes? When is leaving home a choice, when an exile? What happens when we are forced to leave homes we do not necessarily want to abandon? How do we make a place—a house, a country, a continent—into a home? Does home refer primarily to a place, or to the people who live there? Can home be an internal state of mind?

For our Spring/Summer 2017 issue, Leaving Home, Finding Home, Nimrod International Journal is seeking poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction pieces that explore ideas of home—both leaving home and finding home.

Deadline: November 5, 2016

Click here for more information:

Braggin’ Rights

From Linda LaRoque

I am pleased to announce my western historical A Touch of Texas Irish is to be published by The Wild Rose Press in the near future. Set in 1890 the journey begins in Ireland and includes the journey from Boston to Fort Stockton by train and stagecoach. What a fun story to write!

I regained the rights to 5 of my stories and am in the process of self-publishing them. A Way Back, a time-travel set in the 1930s oil fields of Kilgore, Texas. It is available in ebook only on Amazon. It will be out in paperback shortly.


Join or Renew Your TMTW Membership

Membership in the Texas Mountain Trail Writers can help you grow as a writer, whether you write purely for fun or for a living. AND we accept dues payments online at our website! For more information, click here.

Final Note from the Editor:

Have news? Toot your horn, clang your bell, raise your roof! Tell us your news and stories – or writing news in general, such as publications you would recommend, contests, book events, etc. Send your Braggin’ Rights and Trail Bits to .


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