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Meeting Announcement: NO SUMMER MEETINGS! See you again in September!

Summer Writing Thoughts from the TMTW Steering Committee

Summer for me is usually an attempt at a relaxed, quiet, time for focused reading and writing. My two book clubs are active during the summer. We are now reading: fiction: The Train to Crystal City, by Jan Jarboe Russell, Scribner 2015, about the US internment of Japanese, and non-fiction: The ISIS Hostage, by Puk Damsgard, Atlantic Books, 2016, a true story about one man’s 13 months in captivity. I recommend both books; my clubs will have plenty to analyze in the content, organization and writing styles of each book when we meet next month. Our Fall line-up is sure to be as compelling and controversial. (New members are welcome to jump in!) I’m also reading Dennis Lehane’s newest thriller and Selected Later Poems by C.K.Williams.

Yes, I do read several books at the same time, don’t you?

My own writing has taken an unexpected turn. It started when I signed up to deliver a service this summer to our lay-led congregation of Unitarian Universalists. I chose the pleasant topic of Kindness. And I opened a door to many painful and joyful memories which I am now working into a thoughtful, honest treatise on what kindness means to me! Hard to pin down. While I am watering the garden or pulling weeds, a new idea pops into my head. Does kindness have to be perceived in the same way by the giver and the receiver? Can kindness be mean? Or an accident? Or too little? Or too much?

So, summer for me is usually a creative time to focus: on reading and discussing books with respected others, and for writing, spontaneously, spurred on by the messy surprises of gardening. How do the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer affect you?

Gwynne Jamieson, Steering Committee Member

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie Siglin during the critical illness of her daughter. Jackie is a strong member of the Steering Committee of Texas Mountain Trail Writers in Alpine.

Call for Submissions for Stories Through The Ages

We at Living Springs Publishers LLP are publishing a series of books called Stories Through The Ages. Each book will feature short stories written by people in different segments of the population.

We are now accepting submissions for the Baby Boomers Plus edition (anyone born 1964 or earlier) and the Generations XYZ edition (anyone born 1996 – 1965).

There is no prompt for the contests, stories may be about any topic. For each contest the story from the top 15 finalists will be included in a book published by Living Springs Publishers LLP. In addition first, second and third place finalists receive cash prizes of $500, $200 and $100 respectively.

The Baby Boomer Plus deadline is August 15, 2017
The entry fee is $25 for submissions before July 15, 2017 and $35 for submissions July 16 – August 15.

The Generations XYZ deadline is October 15, 2017.
The entry fee is $25 for submissions before September 15, 2017 and $35 for submissions September 16 – October 15.

For more information, www.LivingSpringsPublishers.com

Aesthetica Creative Writing Award Call for Entries

the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award which is now open for entries for the 11th edition. This is a fantastic opportunity for writers in your network at Texas Mountain Trail Writers. Prizes include publication for 60 finalists in an outstanding anthology of poetry and short fiction.

The award is judged by literary experts, including Arifa Akbar, journalist, critic and former Literary Editor of The Independent.

Short Fiction entries should be no more than 2,000 words. Poetry entries should be no more than 40 lines. Works previously published are accepted.

Deadline for submissions is 31 August 2017. For full entry requirements and to submit, visit www.aestheticamagazine.com/cwa

Pen 2 Paper 2017 is open!

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Annual Pen 2 Paper (P2P) Writing Competition is now open! We are both amazed and proud that this is our 8th year.

As we launch into a new go-round, we’re reflecting on a few highlights from 2017:

  • We received entries from 15 different countries and every continent (except Antarctica. But we’ll give it a pass).
  • For the first time ever, we announced the final results of the contest in real time on Facebook Live during our Lion & Pirate Open Mic. Read finalist & winning entries.
  • P2P Finalists Krystal Cates and Kaye Love participated in a slam-style signing & reading with deaf, deaf-blind, and hearing writers at the 2016 Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival.

Tuesday, Sept. 5: P2P 2017 Deadline

For more info: www.TXDisabilities.org/pen-2-paper

The Eyes of Texas Call for Submissions

Texas has it all, from bustling big cities to sleepy small towns, and law enforcement alone can’t solve every crime. That’s where private eyes come in. They take the cases law enforcement can’t—or won’t. Private eyes may walk the mean streets of Dallas and Houston, but they also stroll through small West Texas towns where the secrets are sometimes more dangerous. Whether driving a Mustang or riding a Mustang, a private eye in Texas is unlike any other in the world.

The editor seeks private eye stories that represent the diversity of the Lone Star State. Stories may be set in West Texas, East Texas, the Mexican border, the Gulf Coast, the Panhandle, or anywhere in-between, and should represent the cultural, ethnic, gender, and political differences found throughout the state.

Deadline: November 30, 2017. Though rejections may occur at any point during the process, do not expect acceptance and rejection decisions until February 2018.

For more information: http://www.crimefictionwriter.com/TheEyesOfTexas.htm

The Globe Pequot Press is pleased to announce a call for submissions for our Texas imprint Lone Star Books.

From nature to gardening to history to sports to lifestyle, Lone Star Books tells the stories of historic and contemporary Texas and Texans. Publishing ten to twelve titles per year, the imprint offers entertaining, informative, and celebratory books on the Lone Star State. Our authors know Texas, they are Texans, and they cover the stories of Texas and the interests of Texans. Cookbooks, books on festivals and rodeos, gardening books, Texas lifestyle titles, and histories of Texas heroes and strong women make up the core of the program.

Please review our website: http://www.globepequot.com/ for proposal details.

Stories from the Heart – by Writers for Writers – Calling All Writers!

Everyone has a good story to tell or would like to hear told.

We’ve launched Stories from the Heart for anyone who wants to read or write an uplifting story.

If your story gets the most ‘likes’, you’ll win an award from one of our sponsors.

There is no limit to the number of stories you can publish.

Click HERE to register and submit your stories.

Special Announcement from the East Texas Writers Guild in Tyler, TX

Texas Mountain Trail Writers are invited to advertise their books FOR FREE on this website: http://www.b17.com/books/

Braggin’ Rights

Reba Cross Seals is pleased to announce the publication of a poem in the current Cenizo Journal, Third Quarter,  2017.

Join or Renew Your TMTW Membership

Membership in the Texas Mountain Trail Writers can help you grow as a writer, whether you write purely for fun or for a living. AND we accept dues payments online at our website! For more information, click here.

Final Note from the Editor:

Have news? Toot your horn, clang your bell, raise your roof! Tell us your news and stories – or writing news in general, such as publications you would recommend, contests, book events, etc. Send your Braggin’ Rights and Trail Bits to .










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