November Newsletter | “Log of the Trail”

Meeting Announcement: Our November meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, in the Fiesta Room at the Hallmark Apartments in Alpine from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Our speaker will Dr. Ira Blanton, Associate Professor of English at Sul Ross who specializes in folklore.
Writing Asssignment by Darrell White: Your assignment for the November meeting is to write a Thanksgiving story involving all five senses and keep a tally on how many times the senses are used in the story.  The person who refers to the senses  the most times will receive a gift.    The story should be two pages long.

From the Atelier of Our Prez:

Greetings Book worms.  We’re preparing once again for our spring conference.  The dates are April 9-11, 2010, at Paisano Baptist Encampment.  We’ve already sent our deposit in to lock up the dates.  That’s the weekend AFTER Easter.  Dan Dunagan said to let him know if we’d like for him to prepare a meal for Saturday night again.  Duh!  Yes, I think we’d enjoy that little bit of heaven one more time!

Now all we need to do is twist some arms to get our conference committee leadership together.  Let’s seriously talk about it Nov. 17 at our next meeting in Alpine.  Be checking on names of possible presenters.

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