“Chaos” Annual Collection

Each year the Texas Mountain Trail Writers publishes a collection titled Chaos West of the Pecos.

Each year’s collection is distributed at the Annual Spring Retreat, and includes members’ submissions from writing assignments and flash writing* throughout the previous year and the submissions from all of the previous year’s Annual Spring Retreat attendees.

As part of membership, each member receives a copy of the annual collection. A copy is also included as part of the Annual Spring Retreat registration. (See information below to purchase your own or extra copies.)

2009-chaosEach year’s collection of Chaos West of the Pecos includes submissions from the Annual Spring Retreat and member submissions from the monthly writing assignments and flash writing.*

To inquire about additional works of the authors represented or to order copies of
Chaos West of the Pecos
email us at:

*Flash writing is the writing done during our meetings, usually with a 10-minute time limit, where attendees quickly write down thoughts on an impromptu topic.