March Newsletter | “Log of the Trail”

Meeting Announcement: Our March meeting will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 10 am to 12 noon at the Fort Davis Public Library in Fort Davis, TX. If you wish to carpool from Alpine, meet us in the Big Bend Telephone parking lot at 9:20 am so we can depart at 9:30 am and get there a few minutes early!

Program: We are going to discuss how to write a children’s book. Robbie Burns will be using “How To Write a Children’s Book and Get It Published” by Barbara Seuling.

Photo Writing Prompts: NEW! Members’ Photos (See description below)

Moderator: Elaine Davenport

Refreshments: Josie Mixon

Visitors ALWAYS Welcome!

From the TMTW Steering Committee

Caroline, my mutt, treed a cat yesterday. When she spotted me watching, she strutted across the backyard with her white-tipped tail held high. The tail position signaled dog-pride, the knowledge that she can still frighten yard invaders, still prove her worth. Although advancing age has stolen her agility and afflicted her with arthritis, Caroline continues to report for guard dog duties every morning.

Some TMTW members, like Caroline, have struggled with health issues over the past few years, but they continue to write. I am one of them. Constructing prose or poetry that informs, stirs emotions, changes opinions, or amuses is a writer’s pride. Whenever I complete a well-done piece, I feel like Caroline did after she treed the cat—useful and capable.

Helen Hooven Santmyer was a more-than-capable writer. One of her novels, And Ladies of the Club, toppled many best-selling records and won awards. Ms. Santmyer, although ailing, completed and revised this novel in a nursing home at the age of eighty-five. I think I know which members of TMTW might be doing something similar in the future.

Josie Mixon, who will not need the services of a nursing home for decades, presented an impressive program on using poetry for emotional therapy at the February TMTW meeting. Programs such as hers encourage TMTW members, struggling with health problems or not, to keep on writing. Thank you, Josie.

P.S. Caroline did not hurt the cat.

Elaine Davenport, Steering Committee Memeber

Another Angle on The Little Golden Books

Submitted by Kip Piper

Unfortunately I was not able to attend Aleta’s January presentation on The Little Golden Books. Virginia is a little far to commute!

However, the topic obviously was on my mind when I came across this article about Dorothy Bennett, her fascinating and adventurous life, and her significant contribution to The Little Golden Books – including penning some!

Here’s the link to the article. Enjoy!

The Star-Studded Life of Ms. Dorothy Bennett

Permian Basin Writers Workshop

Midland, Texas on October 13-14

There’s tons of information for you to find out is to visit our new website:

There you’ll find the presenters, agents, workshops details of the event, and registration!

I’m confident that this is the best valued writers workshop anywhere, at $49. BUT the early bird pricing ends, March 14, so you’ll want to register soon!  If you’re from out of town, the Double Tree in Midland has offered our registrants the amazing room rate of $89 a night (plus tax). Details on the website.

‘Like’ our Facebook page for updates and info:

https://www.facebook com/PermianBasinWritersWorkshop/

Photo Writing Prompts NEW! for 2018 – Members’ Photos

TMTW members are invited to participate in choosing the monthly Photo Writing Prompt by submitting good quality, sharp ORIGINAL (YOUR photo – not someone else’s) images in JPG format to Jerri Garza.  Do not send anything from the Internet as we would be subject to heavy fines.

Send two to four images no later than the 10th of each month to Jerri at .  Jerri will then send four selections to Kip for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please give your images a title and have images ready for publication. There is no monetary compensation for TMTW use of members’ images.  Images must be received by the deadline for use in the writing prompts.  It is not required to submit images for writing prompts participation.

The writing guidelines remain at 500 words or fewer, Times New Roman, 12-point font.  If you wish, you may read or have your Opportunity read at the monthly meeting.  You can choose to write about one, several, or all images.  If all images are selected for the Writing Opportunity, then attempt to combine the images into one related assignment.

Use these as they are or use anything they might inspire in you.  You can also choose not to read, but whatever your choice you can always submit it for publication in Chaos.  Black and white versions of members photos may be included in the Chaos if anyone chooses their photo as writing inspiration.  Submitting a photo implies permission to reproduce as TMTW chooses and we will credit the photographer in every instance.  Questions? Email Jerri at .

March’s four photo writing prompts are the images below, should you like to use them.

Submitted by Jerri Garza


Welsh Poetry Competition 2018

The 12th International Welsh Poetry Competition 2018 is now open and accepting entries!

Judge – Sally Spedding

1st prize – £500
2nd Prize – £250
3rd Prize – £100

plus 17 runners up published on website and future anthology

£5 per poem (£6 PayPal) / 50 lines maximum

Entry forms, rules, past winners, anthologies available from our website

Closing date – 27th May 2018

Pen 2 Paper 2018 is open!

February is here, and we are pleased to announce that the 2018 annual Pen 2 Paper (P2P) Writing Competition is open! We’re excited for our 9th year of disability-focused fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and comics—and we hope you are, too!

Here’s the link for more information:

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018: P2P 2017 Deadline

Pen 2 Paper Creative Writing Contest
Coalition of Texans with Disabilities
1716 San Antonio St.
Austin, TX 7870

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